Precise information


Technically speaking, the translation is completed. The only thing required now is a professional presentation of the content in English or Spanish. Is it the finishing touch that makes the text perfect?

I’ll be glad to comply with your individual expectations of a translation. Why not enhance your range of language by consulting an interpreter, trainer or translator? Open up new opportunities for yourself and your business.


Perfect presentation


Hitting just the right words. Captivating an audience and inspiring people for an idea while being casual and professional at the same time? Do use my strengths in interpretation and exploit your potential to the full.

You are about to reach your goal. I’d discuss the finer details with you on the phone or over a cup of coffee. Just give me call and the project may start.

Language training

Stirring up likeability

Language training

First impressions do count!
How to make a good first impression and show good style you will learn from me. Why not use the opportunities that may result from those skills and benefit from them? Others do likewise. So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call and we’ll talk about it.

Whether advanced learner or beginner – here you are right. I’ll be glad to advise and/or accompany you on the road to your personal goals, and perhaps beyond them.

Successfully language

Successful conversation

Your opportunity

A good conversation among business people or friends is very refreshing. Most people remember it. What about you?

Spanish and British English

Carefully worded translation


Why not give it a try? Just send me a text of up to 50 words and I’ll be glad to return the translation to you. Free of charge, of course.

Fortune favours the brave

Are you a fluent speaker of English or Spanish wishing to have his or her skills evaluated? If so, feel free to call me for a chat. At the end of our conversation I might provide you with some feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in the target language – completely free of charge.

You could, for example, simply talk to me about the plans you have with learning German or Spanish. In such a casual conversation you just simulate a real life situation in one of these languages and express yourself as is natural to you. Everything you say will remain confidential, of course.

I look forward to having that casual chat with you. I am sure it will have some interesting light-bulb moments for you.

Wondering about a sample translation?

Of course I need to suit the action to the word! Let me invite you to discover the facts yourself by sending me a text of up to 50 words. I shall translate it for you in best quality – completely free of charge and without any obligation.

"Willkommen bei Graf Training & Translations – seit über 20 Jahren Ihr zuverlässiger Partner für kompetenten Sprachservice auf Englisch, Spanisch und Deutsch."

"Welcome to Graf Training & Translations – For over 20 years your reliable partner for language services in English, Spanish and German."

"Bienvenido a la pãgina web de Graf Training & Translations! En nuestros seminarios y talleres nos dedicamos a la enseñanza de los idiomas de inglês y español de negocio y alemãn."

A personal conversation

Based on my experience of more than 20 years I am aware of the essential need for trust as a basis in matters of business and in private life. That is why I would like to personally present myself to you. While enjoying a relaxed cup of coffee and learning more about your plans, I’ll be glad to talk about reliable work results, punctual delivery times and a first-class one-stop service in English, Spanish and German.

This will help you to reach the right decision and may be pivotal for you on the road to an increasingly international clientele. It will be my pleasure to accompany you along the way with every service you may need in terms of language: interpretation, language tuition including intercultural aspects, certified translations and a secretarial service.

I look forward to talking with you and dealing with any questions you may have. Please call me on 0711 / 787 42 80 or send me an email.

Any questions?

For over 20 years I have been your reliable partner for language services in English and Spanish in the Stuttgart area. A long time to gather extensive experience in the field -experience that you may benefit from. It ensures a level of routine in processes, and routine makes for assurance, even if something out of the ordinary occurs. What matters to you are the ensuing, better results. Only better results will convince your readers or listeners.

In short: extensive experience entails increased benefit and more success i.e. a real plus for your company and for your as a person.

Let’s get together over a cup of coffee. I’ll be glad to meet with you and to sort out any questions you may have. Together we will work out the best possible solution that leads to your goal. Please call me on 0711 / 787 42 80 or send me an e-mail.

What do others say?

While I can make many promises to you, it is my clients who ought to confirm the quality of my language service to you. Those clients will be pleased to give you a reference. Do request a client reference list. It will illustrate the various assignments and extensive experience gained over the years. For you, this means that the processing of your order is in best hands.
Your advantage will be the time you recuperate. Time you may wish to spend on other projects. So, why not benefit both professionally and privately from a first-class language service in English, Spanish and German?

Would you like to receive my client reference list and/or further information? I’ll be pleased to send it to you. Feel free to call me on 0711 / 787 42 80 or send me an email.




What is excellent language service all about?
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Translation work for medium-sized companie
Automotive industry

In-house workshops for managers
German < English > Spanish

Interpretation on a voluntary basis at a local church
USA meets Germany