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Communication is a matter of give and take. It’s about exchanging and transmitting information, be that knowledge, insights, experience or dreams. It’s also about bridging the gulf between languages. Language is an important tool. To ensure that your interests are properly communicated in German or in Spanish, I offer you my language teaching service to help you reach the level of competence you are looking for.

Every day holds matters to negotiate, to agree on, to clarify or to organise. Can you manage that in the other language?Language training
In English - no problem, if that’s your mother tongue. But what about expressing yourself in German or Spanish when you wish to raise an issue? How to keep your communication short and simple for your listeners? And what about correct pronunciation? That’s where my many years of experience as a language trainer come in. No more situations that might cause your interlocutors to wrinkle their nose at your linguistic efforts. I’ll be glad to make learning easy for you and your specific language needs in your business and / or private life so you can use your skills to best effect.

Business English and Spanish What exactly do you wish to improve in terms of German or Spanish language skills? Perhaps you would like to feel and sound more confident in your presentations, meetings or telephone calls? A better use of language will greatly enhance your standing among clients and colleagues. People vary and so do their goals. That is why I will have various options and methods available for you. Together we will work out a learning plan that will help you reach your goal in the shortest possible time.

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