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Are you looking for a sworn interpreter?

There are countless situations in life when you are expected to communicate in German or Spanish: at online or off-line conferences, as a speaker, at a business lunch, with a local real estate agent or a notary, to name but a few.

Do you dread the risk of being misunderstood?Interpreting for international teamsCould you do with those extra seconds at your disposal, especially in negotiations, to consider your next statement or question while you interpreter is translating your last? Would you welcome an interpreter who actively supports your business interests? I shall be glad to assist you at any of these and similar occasions as your simultaneous or consecutive interpreter, professionally and correctly. Your listeners understand your message – and you understand theirs. For you, this means you are equally expressive and precise in the target language as in your own. So, why not extend your international reach and the number of people understanding you and your message?

Interpreting locallyOther occasions where your business might require the service of an interpreter are these: company tours, seminars, presentations, in-company events, business phone calls, social gatherings. On a private level: your wedding ceremony with international guests at the local registry office or in church, at a court hearing or while taking a look at houses or apartments to buy in Germany.

Business sectors I have successfully worked for as an interpreter include the automotive industry, banks, energy production, tent design, politics, metal industry, charity, culturally oriented organisations, official authorities such as police, customs, detention centres, the courts and the state criminal office of Baden-Württemberg.

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